to Hoxne

Please note that this text was written by me and my mom in 2021, based on the journal written at the time by my sister, who was then 9 years old.

We get up early, because it will be a busy day. We have a quick but tasty breakfast at the tent, then pack up everything and leave around nine. We stop in Halesworth for groceries, it’s already quarter to eleven. I was starving but mom said we would only eat at 12.

We had the wind against us when we drive on an old roman road and have a tasty lunch at noon. We continue to Linstead where we have some yoghurt. To Fressingfield, my youngest sister cycles up the hill without problems, but my oldest sister, my mom and I do it on foot.

The wind continues against us when we drive on the Hoxne, it’s hard work. Mom and Dad go shopping while the kids play with Dutch kids: nice to talk to somebody in our own language.

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