To East Harling

Please note that this text was written by me and my mom in 2021, based on the journal written at the time by my sister, who was then 9 years old.

It’s cold but I slept well under the warm sleeping bag. We play some more with the Dutch kids we met yesterday and fed the swans before leaving to Diss. Dad went out to get a map and Mom for groceries, when Dad gets back he looks at the map and shakes his head, saying we might as well go on foot, it’s so close. From Diss we go to Fersfield, the wind is strong and it’s cold: fortunately the wind is more or less in the back.

We eat right before we get to Kenninghall and then continue to East Harling, the last village before we get to the camping. We had an ice cream and then my father and oldest sister went for a walk.

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