Quique Dacosta

This is our unplanned gastronomical surprise. Arne has managed to secure a table at Quique Dacosta, which is about 1h30 drive from Algimia de Alfara. First we do a walk to work up an appetite: a part of the Via Verde in Denía, where the restaurant is located. This is beach land, very different from Basque country and the inland. The Via Verde is busy with locals walking somewhere, jogging or cycling.

The food at Quique Dacosta is great. There’s a discrepancy between what you see and what you taste, since a lot of the ingredients are reworked until they no longer resemble the original.  The design of the restaurant is a mix between very modern accessories and a very clean and neutral renovation of the building itself.

We have 30 small dishes, some of which required tweezers to eat. Each dish comes with a small explanation about how to eat it (eat that in one bite, eat that first, ..). The staff is very friendly and well informed, their English quite acceptable. Though they do not explain the dish in detail when they serve it, they are perfectly willing to explain when you ask..

Arne and I have different favorite dishes, purely depending on personal taste, as there is nothing to remark on technique or presentation. The wines are excellent as well and we have a lot of fun talking about the food and taking photos.

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