Shop & Eat

Up at seven again, it’s just impossible to get used to Spanish time unless you really make an effort, but then afterward you’ll have to make a similar effort to get back on Belgium time. Both are in the same time zone, but the Spanish do have a different rythm. Fruit salad and goat yoghurt… Continue reading Shop & Eat

A day by the sea

Up at eight. Eight! It’s just that there’s nothing to do early in the morning, plus restaurants start serving lunch only at two or so, so we’re shifting our whole day out of whack. First job is to get the DHL shipment ready, so after a quick run to the bakery and a breakfast of… Continue reading A day by the sea

Sealife, good food and a dolmen

No alarm today! Yesterday we managed to make a lunch reservation at a nearby gastronomical restaurant somehow. The website said a spot was open on Friday, we took it and then got a very polite call from the restaurant: website was wrong, there is no spot, much apologies, do we want to go on the… Continue reading Sealife, good food and a dolmen