Our last holiday day and we decide to chill out. Breakfast outside, although the sun is too warm already and we need a parasol. More chill out time at the pool under a parasol. Blue sky, sunny, a little wind: excellent chilling conditions.

I continue on this journal and Arne reads until it is time to throw everything in the suitcase and leave. We wave goodbye to the cats lounging around the place and head off to Les Mas des Loges in Chambonas.

It’s a smooth drive and we arrive around six. We have a reservation at Likoké at seven. Fortunately we have an overnight bag ready, so we don’t need to get out the big suitcase. After a quick shower we head over to the restaurant. Aperitif outside, then to the chef’s table in the kitchen.

Food is excellent, though more to Arne’s taste than mine. My favorite is the Bol, with smoked trout and asparagus. Arne asks for an extra dish with brains and squid. Dessert is a variation of chicken with curry, which tastes good but only has a mild dessert-like feeling. It is fun to sit in the kitchen and watch the staff at work. They are never in a hurry, but nevertheless serve about 20 people. Piet Huysentruyt’s son is managing the restaurant, we have an interesting talk while wrapping up.

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