Colmar to Mersch

Important Note: I did not write this during the journey, but only in 2019 when adding the journal to the blog.

Today we drive to Luxembourgh, that’s about 345 km so we have plenty of time to visit stuff on the way. We start with Kaysersberg, recently voted the prettiest village in France. We park on a big car park just outside the village and explore on foot. It’s indeed pretty and charming with narrow roads, a small river running through it and grand old houses. We escape the tourists by doing a small hike up to the Château du Schlossberg, when we get back down to the village we’re not tempted to stay for lunch, too many people.

We scope around on the map for a quiet spot to eat and decide to drive to Lac Blanc, just above 1000 m. There’s skiing here in winter, but now in August we see a lot of motor cyclists out for a nice drive on these fun roads and some hikers. We find a parking spot with some difficulty, admire the lake for a minute and then eat on the terrace of a nearby snack bar.

a smartphone panoramic shot of the castle, from the kitchen gardens

We retrace our route and drive through the hills/mountains to get to Château du Haut-Koenigsbourgh. We were forewarned by the books that this is a very popular tourist destination, there are a lot of parking spaces but all full so we park by the road with all the others and hike up following a forest track. Impossible to get lost, the castle occupies the whole top of the hill. It was a medieval castle with a long history but fell into ruin later, only to be completely rebuilt/renovated at the end of the 19th century. You can’t say it’s authentic, but it’s at least very impressive.

Onwards we go, north to Luxembourgh – the country, not the city or the belgian province. We sleep in the little town of Mersch because it’s easy to reach by car (no traffic jams) and well placed for the activity of tomorrow. The restaurant of Hotel Martha is unfortunately closed, so we read some reviews online, choose restaurant Fabrik and take an easy walk through the residential districts. We eat out on the terrace, cocktails and burgers.

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