Our procession to Echternach (and back)

The breakfast buffet opens at eight, so we set the alarm at half past seven and as usual on a holiday, wake up before it starts ringing. We meet our friends downstairs and load up on calories for a big hike. The bread rolls are excellent, but the pain au chocolat and croissant only mediocre.… Continue reading Our procession to Echternach (and back)

Rain (and some castles)

Breakfast is served from eight thirty, so we’re making an effort and set the alarm only at seven thirty. In the small breakfast room I have baguette with smoked meat, with a soft brie-like cheese and one with a boiled egg, with crème d’Anjou as dessert, yummy. It started raining during the night and the… Continue reading Rain (and some castles)

Biking by the Loire

Up at seven, we had a pretty good night sleep except that the TV suddenly started playing in the middle of the night. Don't know what happened, but it certainly worked like a wake-up call. Breakfast is the typical for large business hotels, not great, not bad, just average. We pick up the bikes from… Continue reading Biking by the Loire

A wolf? And of course a castle

Breakfast is from eight, so we've set to alarm at seven thirty. I slept well, I think, though I only turned in around around ten thirty, after reading a few chapters in my new Jessie Mihalik book. Breakfast is a impressive spread, with a selection of cheeses and cold cuts, eggs with bacon and/or sausages,… Continue reading A wolf? And of course a castle

(Medium) old history

Up at 7! If you've read some of my earlier travel posts, you'll notice that 7 is simply my natural hour to wake up. Apparently, this is a trend that persists even when holidaying at home. Anyway, despite the Belgian tradition of closing anything official on Monday (this includes monuments and museums), we managed yesterday… Continue reading (Medium) old history


Admittedly, this summary is a bit later than planned, in my defense we came home Sunday evening, I did some laundry, we had food and went to bed. Next day up at six to go to work, by bike. So now we're Thursday and this is the first free moment I've had to look back… Continue reading Summary

A short way back home

Breakfast is served at the table in a large, empty dining room, I think we must be the only guests in this hotel. Some restaurant and hotel people say it's a bit quiet, but not too bad, mainly the foreign tourists are missing. Other hotel owners say it's been too quiet and are worried about… Continue reading A short way back home


The usual breakfast routine, the restaurant chef brings us a selection of fruits, cheeses and meats and makes us eggs on demand. Out before nine, we decide to do a little detour to see the Venner Moor nature reserve that gives the hotel its name. We can't see much of it from the road and… Continue reading Up

Views from hills

Up at seven, breakfast half an hour later, gone before nine. Today will probably the hottest day of the week and I prepped some packing yesterday, just so we could leave early enough. Arne wakes up a bit woozy, he's always been a bit bothered like that by antihistamines. Hopefully the grumpiness disappears during the… Continue reading Views from hills

Itchy! And hot!

Not a good night, I would say. Too hot! And too itchy! We opened the windows at some point, desperate to the point that we're willing to risk the extra bug bite and that seems to help a bit. Not many bugs either, I suppose the swallows and bats take care of those. A wet… Continue reading Itchy! And hot!

Sunny hills

Alarm at seven, we slept okay, not too hot in the room fortunately. We go down to the breakfast room, they have just switched back to the classic buffet system, but ask that you follow a one way tour throughout the area to avoid close contact with others, though there is no requirement to wear… Continue reading Sunny hills