Sealife, good food and a dolmen

No alarm today! Yesterday we managed to make a lunch reservation at a nearby gastronomical restaurant somehow. The website said a spot was open on Friday, we took it and then got a very polite call from the restaurant: website was wrong, there is no spot, much apologies, do we want to go on the waiting list. Sure, we’re available Thursday and Friday. A few hours later, we have a reservation.

My eyelids pop up around seven fifteen, I throw the curtains wide, open the panoramic window and read until Arne wakes up. I found a book! I’ve started the Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre, light and romantic science fiction, it’s a popular genre these days. We have breakfast around eight (one other table occupied in the huge breakfast room) then check out what we can do before our big lunch: there’s lots to do around here and we decide to visit the Océarium in Le Croisic, a few kilometers from here. When we arrive, there’s a few groups of school kids just entering, but they’re neatly herded by their teachers and guides so we manage to always be where they’re not and wander around in relative peace. It’s not the biggest aquarium we’ve visited, but it has an interesting section full of Canadian coastal biotopes (apparently an exchange project with an aquarium in Vancouver) and a two huge tanks with larger sharks.

We’re out by eleven thirty and start the drive towards hotel-restaurant Anne de Bretagne in La Plaine sur Mer. We’re very cordially welcomed, have the aperitive on the terrace and a delicious, seven course menu inside, with a view of the ocean. We finish with a stroll on the beach and a brief visit to a dolmen nearby. It doesn’t look very impressive, but it’s just so interesting, it’s been put here by humans more than 5000 years ago.

Back at the hotel around five thirty, we delight in the fact that we don’t have anything to do. We’re not sticky with sun screen, we’re not really tired, I think I’ll just sit around and read in my book. Might watch a movie later, imagine that.

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