Sealife, good food and a dolmen

No alarm today! Yesterday we managed to make a lunch reservation at a nearby gastronomical restaurant somehow. The website said a spot was open on Friday, we took it and then got a very polite call from the restaurant: website was wrong, there is no spot, much apologies, do we want to go on the… Continue reading Sealife, good food and a dolmen

The big city experience

We fell asleep around nine yesterday and wake up before seven. We have a museum planned this morning, this opens only at ten, so we decide to head out to town for an extensive breakfast. We google in bed and decide on The Union Kitchen, because it gets good reviews and the pictures look nice.… Continue reading The big city experience

(Medium) old history

Up at 7! If you've read some of my earlier travel posts, you'll notice that 7 is simply my natural hour to wake up. Apparently, this is a trend that persists even when holidaying at home. Anyway, despite the Belgian tradition of closing anything official on Monday (this includes monuments and museums), we managed yesterday… Continue reading (Medium) old history