Our procession to Echternach (and back)

The breakfast buffet opens at eight, so we set the alarm at half past seven and as usual on a holiday, wake up before it starts ringing. We meet our friends downstairs and load up on calories for a big hike. The bread rolls are excellent, but the pain au chocolat and croissant only mediocre.… Continue reading Our procession to Echternach (and back)

Down from the Wurmberg

Alarm at seven, breakfast at eight. I remember that I have two bananas here, left over from home, and decide to have a toasted bread slice with choco and then banana slices on top. It's a small banana, but also a small slice, so the pieces are about 15 mm thick, takes some coordination to… Continue reading Down from the Wurmberg

Wildlife spotting

Up at 7! We're not doing much today, so no rush to leave early. We pack for two nights out - it's about the same thing as we would take for a week, except the underwear and pill count. We spend ten minutes searching the library for the next book in Arne's list: he's reading… Continue reading Wildlife spotting