Fields and valleys

Breakfast, again, only from eight thirty. That's a bit later than we'd like, but then I realize it's the weekend! Weekdays don't matter much when you travel by bike, except that you have to remember that shops and restaurants might be closed on specific days. In France, that's Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday. Today is Sunday.… Continue reading Fields and valleys

Wildlife spotting

Up at 7! We're not doing much today, so no rush to leave early. We pack for two nights out - it's about the same thing as we would take for a week, except the underwear and pill count. We spend ten minutes searching the library for the next book in Arne's list: he's reading… Continue reading Wildlife spotting


Admittedly, this summary is a bit later than planned, in my defense we came home Sunday evening, I did some laundry, we had food and went to bed. Next day up at six to go to work, by bike. So now we're Thursday and this is the first free moment I've had to look back… Continue reading Summary