Shopping in Düsseldorf

I love shopping for clothes in Düsseldorf, there’s a great mix of designer stores and malls and plenty of room for pedestrians. Whereas in Paris I often have to buy the largest size, here I’m absolutely average and have no trouble finding items in my size.

We take the car, there’s plenty of highways to get around in this area as we’re really close to the Ruhr industrial zone. This has been one of the largest industrial zones in Western Europe for as long as I can remember, we drove through here every year on the way to holidays in the Baltic states and Russia in the early nineties. It was a challenge to navigate the complicated network of highways without a GPS. Nowadays it’s a lot easier, though it has not become any faster: most highways we follow today are limited to 100 or even 80 kmph.

We arrive in Düsseldorf around ten, drop the car in one of the many underground garages and set out to systematically acquire each item on the ‘to buy’ list. We haven’t made any plans for lunch, but we’re hoping to secure a spot in one of the many upscale Japanese restaurants. We call Yoshi by Nagaya first, this is a spin-off of the michelin star restaurant Nagaya that we visited a few years ago and really liked. We get lucky and get a reservation at 12.30, making our way slowly through the shopping district. Food is great, absolutely delicious, will definitely come back here again.

After lunch we finalize the shopping and head home around four.

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