Fossils and military history

I must admit, staycations have advantages: I can sleep in my own bed and stick to the routine I'm used to! The two museums on the list today are in Brussels and because we want to avoid the morning traffic jams, we take it easy in the morning and leave around half past nine. The… Continue reading Fossils and military history

(Medium) old history

Up at 7! If you've read some of my earlier travel posts, you'll notice that 7 is simply my natural hour to wake up. Apparently, this is a trend that persists even when holidaying at home. Anyway, despite the Belgian tradition of closing anything official on Monday (this includes monuments and museums), we managed yesterday… Continue reading (Medium) old history

Around Ypres

Today is a gloomy day with overcast weather and a light drizzle, though this does not change our plans: we drive to Vladslo to visit the Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof. We haven't visited any German cemeteries in France, though we did not exclude them specifically from our plans. Here around Ypres there are several close by though and… Continue reading Around Ypres

The battlefields of the Somme

We’ve prepared our itinerary from Saint Quentin to Ypres and timed it perfectly to arrive at the first museum at opening time. It turns out however that the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Péronne is closed on Wednesdays after October. It looks very interesting from the outside so we’re sorry to miss it, but… Continue reading The battlefields of the Somme