so tired, it's late, do not have enough energy to write a full post right now. today's highlights: the impressively large Schloss Bentheim water castle Haus Welbergen the many kilometers of bicycle tracks along old railroad routes Schloss Steinfurt the german buffet dinner statistics: Today's distance: 92.8 km - waaay more than planned time in… Continue reading brief

Modern engineering and an old castle

It's still sunny! The car windows are frosted and there is a bit of fog early in the morning, but the sky is blue and cloudless. Still pretty cold, with just a little wind, really enjoyable weather. So far we've been really lucky with the weather.. We drive to the Falkirk Wheel, a 21st century… Continue reading Modern engineering and an old castle

more driving, but also a castle

It should be a seven-hour drive to Kaikenried in Germany, where we have booked a room with Voll-Verwöhnpension for two nights, which means breakfast, lunch, dinner ánd tea with cakes included. I pack while Arne prepares lunch (same again) and we set of before 9 am. First I drive a long stretch on two-lane roads… Continue reading more driving, but also a castle